19th March 2018

This week we seemed to spend a lot of time escaping the torrential rain but that did leave us with some very large puddles to explore!

After discussing with the children different people who help us both at school and at home, we decided to interview different people who work in school. The children thought of their own questions and we filmed it so that we can share it with you. It is still being put together but we will post it on the blog before Easter.

The children have really enjoyed taking on the roles of Doctors and Nurses in our inside role play and we had builders working in our outside areas. Great fun but also brilliant for helping the children develop their language and listening skills with each other.

12th March 2018

Our week started with a wonderful visit to Captain Jacks in memory of Seth. It was such a lovely thing for Sally (the owner) to do and the children loved it. Their behaviour was impeccable, both on the walk there and back and in the centre. We were all very proud of you. 

The children finally got chance to wear their outfits for World Book Day, after the snow had melted! It was so nice to so many of them sharing books with one another and hear them talking about their favourite stories. Thank you for your help with the costumes, we had Princesses, Knights, Super Heroes, Cartoon Characters and many more!

Well done to our weekly bookworms, for reading 3 or more times and especially to Jessica and Josh who were picked out as winners for the Spring Reading Lottery. Also congratulations to Elsie, Akasya and Amelia for their hard work on their handwriting and maths.

19th February 2018

This week the children have been getting into the Olympic spirit. They learned about the significance of the Olympic flag and watched some of the amazing opening ceremony. They also learned about about some of the different sports and why they are different to the Summer Olympics. They even got to try some of the sports for themselves, the highlight of which had to be the Bobsled on Friday afternoon!

Thank you to everyone who managed to stay and enjoy a pancake with us on Tuesday, it was a lovely way to start our day and the children loved it.

We hope you all have an enjoyable week off and look forward to hearing all about it soon.

The Foundation Team

12th February 2018

This week started with a pantomime in the school hall! A small team of four very talented actors entertained us with the story of Dick Whittington which was very funny and very loud! Mrs Alford has already booked them for a return visit next year.

Our main task this week was to paint our amazing clay aliens using only the primary colours. This meant that the children had to look carefully at their plan from last week and mix the colours before painting very carefully making sure the colours didn’t overlap. We can’t wait to show you the results, they look fab!

On Friday we had a surprise visit from ‘Pikelet’ the hamster from Mrs Goulder’s class. The children loved seeing it close up and seeing how soft it’s fur was.

Again well done to our weekly bookworms and also to Josh for being very grown up and averting an argument whilst working with the construction.