9th July 2018

The highlight of this week for many children was finding out who their new teacher is going to be in Year 1. All the children spent Wednesday in their new classes and were very excited when they returned.

During the week we continued our exploration of materials by looking at floating and sinking. The children then used recycled materials to make a boat which culminated in our own ‘Regatta’ on Friday afternoon when we tested them out in our paddling pool!

2nd July 2018

What a fantastic week in Foundation! The weather has been amazing and the children have loved being outside in the courtyard. Our pizza theme culminated on Thursday with their homemade pizzas being a great success. 

We hope you all enjoyed our ‘Fun Sports’ day, the children certainly had lots of fun and supported one another with lots of encouragement.

25th June 2018

This week started with some super observational drawings of flowers from Isaac, Jorgia and Jasmine. The inside maths area was quickly transformed into a cafe by the children and capitalising on their interest we developed the outside playground with a Pizza Delivery Service. The children wrote labels for the bikes and had a system of directing the vehicles to the correct house numbers. Alex wrote a sign explaining where the vehicles had to park when it was tidy up time.

We also worked on our writing targets as we wrote about something we had done at the weekend.

Miss Stallworthy‘ earned the  most bookworms certificates this week and well done to Poppy, Freddie, Hayden and Amelia for achieving their handwriting certificates.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Freddie who turned 5 this week!