21st May 2018

This week saw the children embark on their first school trip to Perlethorpe Environmental Education Centre. We had fantastic weather and all of the activities took place in the woods close to the centre. The classes took turns to work with Kieth who reenacted the stories of The 3 Little Pigs complete with their houses as well as The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. They even spotted Cinderella in her Castle! We also went to a different part of the wood to take part in some sensory activities such as a blindfold trail, making smelly potions and homes for different woodland animals.

It was a fantastic experience for the children and their behaviour and enthusiasm was outstanding. We would also like to pass on a huge thank you to our parent helpers, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to run the trip.

Back at school the children have started some fantastic writing about their experience which we can’t wait to share with you. Most of the children chose to work outside this week in the sunny weather. We had some Year 6s who came and helped the children to build a slide, who then experimented with lots of different ways of getting down it.

We opened the mud kitchen for the first time this year and had some great recipes cooked up! There was also some good problem solving and investigating using the water channels. Let’s hope the sunshine lasts!

14th May 2018

This week we decided to tidy our onion bed by cutting the grass around the edge pulling out all the weeds. We also took off the plastic bottles now the stems are growing. Hopefully they will now start to grow and get bigger!

We also practised being accurate with our counting this week and also adding 2 numbers together by counting.

We had fun programming the Beebots to move around the tough top to the different houses of the Three Little Pigs and avoid the Big Bad Wolf.

Some super independent work was done by children during free flow, working inside and outside in the sunshine!

7th May 2018

This week we enjoyed learning the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The troll then helped us with our understanding of ‘positional language’ such as under, on top, next to and behind. The children had lots of fun acting it out on our home made bridge.

Following on from last weeks story of Jim and the Beanstalk the children wrote instructions for ‘How to grow a Beanstalk’ to help Jim get back to see the kind giant after he had chopped it down.

We also looked at simple programming by trying to manoeuvre the Bee Bots to different parts of the tough top. 

We hope you manage to plant the runner bean plants we sent home and look forward to seeing your photos on Tapestry.

30th April 2018

This week our topic of Traditional Tales continued with a twist as we read Jim and the Beanstalk. The children practised their writing skills writing a letter from the giant to Jim to say thank you for his help. We continued to observe our own plants and look after them and also transform the role play area with its own beanstalk.

In maths we looked at how to spot repeating patterns which can be quite tricky at first but they then enjoyed the challenge of creating their own. We had lots of children telling that they had done something for the first time this week, such as helping in the garden or getting into the den outside. This is great as it’s easy to stick to the same things some times.

We also had a record week for reading at home this week, so well done to all you book worms and also your families at home for supporting you.