18th February 2019


Iris is our English Star this week for producing great descriptive writing. She has also been having great success with reading quizzes. Well done, Iris!

Kuba is our Maths Star this week for a great attitude and effort towards his Maths work. Great work, Kuba!

This week in English we have continued working on ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ by Joe Todd Stanton. We have written expanded noun phrases, dialogue between two characters, setting descriptions and created a descriptive paragraph through ‘slow write’ techniques. After half term, we will start to write newspaper reports, linked to events in the story.

At the edge of the sky-blue ocean, a small cluster of bright, rainbow-coloured houses huddled closely together. Towering above the tiny tow, a huge grey cliff stretched towards the coal black sky. Perched dangerously on the edge sat the blood red Wind Weaver bird. In the middle of the village, a giant cauldron of fire burned ferociously to keep the villagers warm. In the black sky, the pale moon rested like a bird in its nest.
— Iris
At the edge of the light, cornflower-blue ocean, a tiny, coffee-brown village sat huddled, a fire red Wind Weaver bird perched on top of the ice mountain and an ash grey statue stood still. In the middle of the sea, a light house as big as a church shone brightly. High on the cliff was a tent, as tiny as a mouse. Puffing out of the chimneys, smoke reached out in to the sky and small boats floated on the sky blue water. In the centre of the village, a huge cauldron of monstrous fire burned brightly.
— Kuba
At the rim of the blue, crashing ocean, a little village of small houses huddled together below the coal black sky. Just above the tiny town, the fire-red Wind Weaver bird perched carefully on the ash grey cliff. In the ocean, coffee brown boats bobbed gently like mermaids and the stars danced like floating fairies in the sky. The sea sparked as the glistening scales on the fish glimmered in the water.
— Alicia
In the middle of the forest, a monstrous, tree top snake, with mean red eyes and pale fangs, slowly slithered towards Arthur.
— Olivia
A terrifying, azure blue snake with devilish, deadly eyes crawled creepily towards the tree.
— Serok

In Maths we have been solving TO x O problems with some exchanging of ones

and tens. We have used place value counters and base 10 to support our learning.