29th October 2018


Wow. What a half term it has been! We have had a very busy but fun time with lots of new learning.

In the Cubist style of Picasso, our giants are finally finished.

Below are Serok, Will, Ava, Tacy, Madhu, Matthew, Olivia, Lexi and Alicia, who are our Superstars this week. Well done all of you.


Matthew won our Reading Lottery for this half term. He has been reading lots at home and is having lots of success with his quizzes. Well done, Matthew!

Keeping with a reading theme, Ava, Madhu, Alicia and Tacy are pictured with their prizes for achieving three 100% quiz scores in a row. Great work!


This week, we have worked on our Extraordinary Me booklets. We have worked hard to complete a range of fitness activities and we have thought about what we would like to achieve both in Year 3 and in the future. After half term, we will set ourselves some fitness goals.