15th January 2018


After a good Christmas break, we are back and raring to go this term!

This week, we have picked up our work from before Christmas with Lily and the Snowman and we have written a short writing assessment. We imagined that we were the snowman and we had to persuade Lily to release us from the freezer.


In Maths this week, we have continued to extend our understanding of multiplication and division. We have loved using Times Table Rock Stars to practise having key facts at our fingertips. We can use TTRS by clicking the link on the school website too. The more that we practise the quicker we will become. We are aiming to become Rock Gods!

We have started our new topic ‘Rock Stars’ this week. We will be learning all about volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes and rivers. We really enjoyed exploring the atlas this week, finding countries, capital cities and key population data. We have also started to explore key images and questions.

We are now part of our new houses; Diamond, Amethyst, Garnet and Emerald. We will receive house points through put the week for all of the great things that we do and we will be able to track the progress of each house by looking at the coloured counters collected in jars in the entrance. It might be an interesting idea to find out some information about our house gemstone.