20th November 2017

This week we have had to be very persuasive! Following on from our visit to Beaumanor Hall last week, we have looked at how we might persuade people to visit. We have written captions for photographs, explored AFOREST techniques and we have also discussed the impact of chosen words

We have been subtracting numbers where we have had to exchange a ten for ten ones or a hundred for ten tens. 

Anti bullying Week
Using the animation ‘Daisy Chain’ as a stimulus, we explored feelings, thoughts and actions linked to bullying behaviours. We also discussed what makes a good friend.

A good friend is someone who plays with you.
— Ancel
A good friend is trusting, helpful and caring.
— Bradley
A good friend loves you and cares about you.
— Marla

This week, our attendance was 96.7% and we earned 10 handshakes.