13th November 2017

We’ve had a busy week outside of school this week!
On Monday, we visited St. Swithun’s church for our day of time travel, where we imagined what life was like for the Pilgrim Fathers who travelled to America. The children enjoyed singing in the choir and playing the organ. As part of a baptism, they named a baby and they also decorated cards. When thinking about light, the children made clay lamps and to link with the journeys made by those who travelled to America, they made boats.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to ‘Operation Christmas Child’. Pictured are Ancel, Tilly, Joseph, Kyla and Luke with their generous donations.

On Friday, we travelled back in time again, stopping when we reached 1939, as we became evacuees at Beaumanor Hall. We had a very exciting day and learned lots about what life was like for children at the time. We learned the importance of having an identity card and, using real pennies, we bought items from the shop (remembering to take our rationing book) to plan an authentic recipe of the time. Later in the day, we became code breakers: deciphering war-time messages. We were given an insight in to the job roles at Bletchley Park, although judging by some of the ‘interesting’ messages that we decoded, we probably wouldn’t have been offered a job there!

Our day finished when the air raid siren sounded and we were rushed to the Anderson shelter for safety. Listening to the bombs and planes outside was frightening, especially when we needed our gas masks during the attack, but it gave us a real sense of how children might have felt at the time. We all felt better when we sang together to cheer each other up. There were mixed feelings at the end of the day when the new families didn’t turn up to choose any of us to stay on in the countryside. I would have missed the children too much so I brought them all back to school instead!  
Thank you for helping make the day real by providing a wartime outfit and lunch. 

This week, our attendance was 96.3% and we earned 29 handshakes!