19th March 2018

This week we ventured to Captain Jack’s for a play session in memory of Seth. We had a fabulous, fun time racing on the slides and playing in the ball pool. The adults had a great time too! We were even provided with much needed drinks and yummy biscuits. When we returned to school, the children suggested writing letters to Sally, who owns Captain Jack’s, so that we could say thank you. 

In English we have made up conversations between Lalchand and Chulak, two characters from our book, The Firework Maker’s daughter. After working together to act our conversations, we wrote them in to coloured speech bubbles. The next day, we turned these in to direct speech using the correct layout and punctuation. 

In Maths we have developed our work on Statistics; creating our own bar charts from pictograms and writing questions to go with them. Next, we need to demonstrate our learning when we complete our hot task for this unit.

Our attendance this week was 98.8%, which earned us another certificate. We are on a roll!

12th March 2018

This week in English, we have started our unit of work based on the novel, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ written by Philip Pullman.  We have used active reading strategies to actively engage with text before reading and we have taken on the role of Lila, writing a letter to her father, Lalchand. We have also been looking at apostrophes and thinking carefully about where and why we need to use them. Can you spot the mistakes in signs below?

In Maths, we have started our work learning about Statistics. Using sweets as our data, we created our own pictograms, making sure we had a title, labels and scale. Once we had created our pictograms, we wrote questions that could be asked based on the data. Then we moved to a different group and answered their hardest questions. A really fun lesson with lots of new learning!

This week, to conclude our topic work about rocks, we have made our own fossils. We have learned how fossils are formed before using sand and plaster to create our own. Next we shall excavate them just like real palaeontologists.

This week we had our World Book Day. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our reading with all of the adults who joined us for our ‘Books and Biscuits’ session and we enjoyed dressing up too! Ancel won our Reading Lottery as he has been doing lots of fabulous reading at home. He enjoyed choosing a new book to keep. 

Our attendance this week was 100%, which earned us a certificate, as well as the clock and medals.  

19th February 2018

After making our volcanoes, this week we created eruptions by using a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, with a splash of yellow food colouring. We had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed watching the ‘explosions’.

Keeping with the volcano theme, we have finished writing our setting descriptions after watching the animation which showed the eruption of Pompeii (see last week’s blog). Below are some extracts from our writing.

Later that day, fire roared across the streets of Pompeii and storms of lightning and thunder raged above the city. - Ethan

It was a plain normal day in Pompeii. Small, cheerful blackbirds cheeped sweetly in the warm, summer sky. Fluffy white clouds floated like candyfloss on a beach. In the harbour, long, brown trade boats bobbed softly on the calm, morning ocean. Vesuvius was a proud soldier, guarding the town. Suddenly, the volcano started to shake. He was awake and he was hungry. - Mia

By 1pm, the volcano was starving, steaming with madness. The surprised ground was shaking, babies were screaming and the small, black birds had flown away. Two hours later, hot, grey ash rained down on the crumbling, broken buildings and as the terrified people screamed and tried to flee for their lives. Above the town, the vicious monster steamed and boiled with fury. - Tilly

As darkness fell, the volcano’s damage melted the houses. The lightning pushed all of his power in to Pompeii as thunder struck like a wizard casting spells. At 8pm, hot ash poured out of the crater like steam from a kettle and the last building in the city collapsed. - Marla


Our attendance this week was 96.9%, which unfortunately didn’t earn us a certificate.  However, we did trade in one of our very rare certificates this week for a chocolate cake treat. It was delicious!

Have a lovely half term!

12th February 2018

This week in Maths we have worked on using money to answer questions and solve problems. We have added amounts of money and next we are moving on subtracting amounts and finding change. 

In English we have watched an animation of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This stimulus has inspired us to write a setting description using examples of figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification). We are hoping to finish this hot task by Friday when examples will be added to the blog. 

Our attendance this week was 99.2% which earned us a certificate.  We are considering having a treat of chocolate cake before we break up for half term!