15th January 2018


After a good Christmas break, we are back and raring to go this term!

This week, we have picked up our work from before Christmas with Lily and the Snowman and we have written a short writing assessment. We imagined that we were the snowman and we had to persuade Lily to release us from the freezer.


In Maths this week, we have continued to extend our understanding of multiplication and division. We have loved using Times Table Rock Stars to practise having key facts at our fingertips. We can use TTRS by clicking the link on the school website too. The more that we practise the quicker we will become. We are aiming to become Rock Gods!

We have started our new topic ‘Rock Stars’ this week. We will be learning all about volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes and rivers. We really enjoyed exploring the atlas this week, finding countries, capital cities and key population data. We have also started to explore key images and questions.

We are now part of our new houses; Diamond, Amethyst, Garnet and Emerald. We will receive house points through put the week for all of the great things that we do and we will be able to track the progress of each house by looking at the coloured counters collected in jars in the entrance. It might be an interesting idea to find out some information about our house gemstone.

9th December 2017


3MF is the right place to come if you need shelter during a bombing raid. The Anderson Shelter homework projects are fantastic and it is clear that so much effort has gone in to them. The test, however, will come on Wednesday next week when we see whether they stand up to our bombing raid! Look out for videos and photos next week. 

Christmas Enterprise will soon be here so the little elves in 3MF have been very hard at work preparing and making. Before we could start making our wrapping paper, tags and bags, we had to use our maths skills to accurately measure card to work out how many tags we could cut from a sheet. We also had to calculate how much individual sheets of card and paper cost in order to calculate our price list and explore potential profits. We hope you will join us on Wednesday to purchase our exclusive bags, tags and wrapping!

This week, our attendance was 95.2% which wasn’t enough to earn us an attendance certificate.  We earned 9 handshakes this week. 

3rd December 2017

This week we have been exploring doubling to see how knowing facts from the two times table can help us learn facts from the four times table. We are working hard to learn our x3 and x4 tables before we move on to the 8’s. You can use the link below to practise online.

We have completed writing the text for our persuasive leaflets for Beaumanor Hall this week. Using features of AFOREST, we have attempted to encourage people to visit and take part in the fabulous World War Two themed  activities. Next, we will use ICT to create the finished leaflet, which we intend to send to Beaumanor Hall. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet finished your Anderson Shelter homework. Bombing won’t commence until next week! Look out for photographs. 

This week, our attendance was 96.7%.  We earned an impressive handshake total of 14 this week but it wasn’t enough for us to take the trophy.