23rd June 2017

Our attendance this week was 98.6% so we were able to collect another attendance voucher.

Visitor from Egypt: We had the fascinating opportunity to talk with Ms Lichfield about life in modern Egypt. She has spent part of the last few months living in Cairo and Dahab, an area famed for its reef diving.  She was able to give us a first-hand description of how her family organised their lives for Ramadan and she gave us an insight into Muslim expectations for modern Egyptian fashions.

Visualising Volumes: We have been looking for methods to enable us to calculate volume using cubes. Having carried out an assessment, we formed peer mentor groups so that we could coach each other’s ability to recognise slices, layers and columns.


Topic links: A big Thank-you to all those who have brought books, pictures and artefacts into school linking to our Egyptians topic.

This week, our handshakes total was a very creditable 15, but the winners had 24.