15th May 2017

Our attendance this week was 94% so we were unable to collect an attendance voucher.

Drama: We have taken on the roles of Rameses and Moses so that we can thought-track their emotions. We are trying to understand their decisions, actions and motives. When you watch our video clip, you will see that Rameses is really worried about being the weak link in Egypt’s historical timeline.

Comparing Creation Stories: We have discussed the similarities and differences within a variety of creation stories. We have been comparing how they attempt to help us to make sense of how and when the Earth was created. Indeed, one of the stories hints at why the Earth was created too!

A death-mask for a pharaoh: Now that our papiere-mache masks have dried, we are able to begin to decorate them. We painted a yellow-ochre base coat and then a gold top coat. Our next step is to build up the patterns and details using jewels and tiles.  

This week, our handshakes total was 3.