27th March 2017

Our attendance this week was 96.6%.

Aboriginal Style Art: On Red Nose Day, we applied our aboriginal art skills while using the terracotta background sheets that we had prepared during our last session. Our colour range was chosen to reflect the paints that aboriginal artists would have made from the rocks and plants found in their environment. We took the opportunity to ‘party while we worked’, to celebrate our Christmas Enterprise Project success, just prior to putting our Easter Egg Parachute Company plan into action! 

Bridge Testing: During lunchtimes, a group of bridge testers have been narrowing down the spaghetti bridges in terms of which are the strongest. We have loaded the top 3 bridges in the picture with 10kg of mass each, but they are so strong that they just sit there daring us to add more. In the interests of safety we have decided to declare Aidan, Michal and Skye the joint winners of our competition. Jayden has not loaded his bridge so that he can preserve a construction that could be described as a work of art.

This week, our handshakes total was 11.