13th February 2017

Our attendance this week was 95.4% which meant that we were unable to claim a voucher this week.

Cape Town Visit: As we sailed into Cape Town harbour, our aim was to persuade Michael’s parents that a trip up Table Mountain would be a fantastic idea. We knew though that Michael’s Dad, like Mr B, was likely to ask how much it would cost!

We organised and coordinated our own performance of Jabberwocky.

PTA Competition Winners: Just before Christmas, we took part in a PTA coin drawing challenge. Our design came from our work with Mr Upton at the Town Hall where we performed A Promised Land, based upon the story of the Pilgrim Fathers. Our ship picture is of course their ship, the Mayflower. A tasty celebration treat awaits us when we return to school after half term! A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who helped to provide our ‘design materials’.

This week our handshakes total was 10.