7th November 2016

Welcome to 5 Mary Anning Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Our attendance this week was  96.7%. This was not high enough for us to gain one of the Good Attendance vouchers.

School Council Elections: This week, we went through an electoral process in order to select a school councillor for our class. To begin with, we made it known if we were willing to stand for election. Two friends nominated each candidate so that their names could be placed onto the ballot papers. Each candidate, an impressive 14 of them in class Mary Anning, put their names forward and then made a speech explaining what they would offer if they were voted into office. A secret ballot was then held so that everyone could cast a vote for their favoured candidate. When all the votes were counted, Charles Ashley was elected to serve as school councillor for our class. He has already attended a meeting at which the forthcoming Children in Need arrangements were discussed.

Art: We viewed industrial landscapes, collected during our Iron-bridge visit, through ‘Lowry’s eyes’. Once we had collected key perspective lines, we used watercolors to produce the kind of pictures that we think Lowry would have produced had he swapped Salford for Shropshire.

This week, the handshakes total was carried forward so that Mrs Hickman had time in assembly to talk to us about the Poppy Appeal.