14th November 2016

Our attendance this week was  97.7%. This was not high enough for us to gain one of the Good Attendance vouchers.

Talk for Writing: This week, we extended our Red Eye story by creating changes within our storytelling. We boxed up our beginning, our build-up and our story problem, before creating our own resolution and ending. Our plot took us to Bear Gryll’s goldmine and is a story that you could ask to hear recounted! Nathan took the lead by sharing his resolution that was both credible and exciting.

Iron-bridge Floor testing: This week, we set out to find which floor surface would best suit the dining room at Iron-bridge. Dylan was our master of ceremonies as, with our guidance, he worked hard to keep our test fair. The results show how much force needed to be exerted before the boot began to slide in the dry and in the wet. Which floor surface would you recommend?

Spaghetti Bridges: We are beginning to collect our spaghetti bridge designs in class ready for our strongest bridge competition! If you would like some ‘building with spaghetti coaching’ please do contact school for advice.
This week, our handshakes total was 18. This was respectable, but not enough to win.