3rd October 2016

Welcome to 5 Mary Anning Blog (Mr Beswarick’s class)

Our attendance this week was 97.8 % so we were 0.2% away from our second Good Attendance Voucher.

Maths: We’ve continued to build up our Place Value skills, working with partitioning, rounding and negative numbers. We assessed our rounding skills using a Think Further Question and then organised a Target Group to revisit and coach people who needed that extra time to grasp a new idea.

Book Corner: Working with Mrs La Banca from our school library, we have collected a range of fiction and non-fiction books to create a book corner in our classroom. We have tried hard to make sure that we have something for everyone in the class so that we can share ideas when we visit, having completed work, or during our Guided Reading sessions.

This week we collected 2 handshakes, but this was not enough to win the Class of the Week Trophy. The winning class collected 18!