22nd May 2017

In English this week we have learnt a new method of editing which was called ‘surprises’ s = say it in your head  u =under breath mumble r =read aloud p =punctuation power r =read the openers I = improve worrisome words s =say in head or aloud E =emotive and figurative check s =share with a friend. 

In maths this week we designed a lunar shopping centre - which means we made the first shopping centre on the moon. We had  £5,000 to spend and no more.

Fire service
This week firefighters from Retford fire station came in to teach us about fire safety. They showed us all around their fire engine, everything inside and also let us sit in it!

This week in topic we learnt some more about Egyptians and we also did some paintings, about what we would want in our tomb if we were an Egyptian.

Walk to school week!
The total amount of times our class walked to school was 70.

Handshakes: our amount this week was zero, but hopefully next week we will do better.
Attendance: this week was a whopping 99.6%

By Teagan and Elsie.