3rd April 2017

Joe Wickes’ School Exercise:  On Tuesday, 6MLK all took part in The Body Coach’s (Joe Wickes) live exercise broadcast through YouTube. It went international and over 3,000 schools took part. The exercise took around 15 minutes to 20 minutes. We all had loads of fun and we were all very tired after it.    

Topic Homework:  Over 2 weeks of planning and designing our fabulous projects, we all took pride and effort in making them  Here are just a few of them

English:  This week we have been doing some practice tests, so we are ready for SATS in May. Also, in spelling, we have been practicing homophones.  Can you figure out their meaning? Here are some examples: dessert and desert, stationary and stationery.          

Maths:  This week in maths we have also been practising SATs style questions. Can You Solve This Problem?

35% of 180 =

Attendance:  Our Attendance this week was 94.3%.

Handshakes:  This week we manged to get 14 handshakes which wasn’t enough to win the Class of the Week Trophy.

By Joel C & JakH