27th March 2017

In English this week we were learning  about passive and active sentences for instance ‘John kicked the ball across the pitch’ (active) or ‘the ball was kicked across the pitch’ (passive).

In Maths this week we have been solving pie charts, some fractions work and we have done some arithmetic papers.                                          

In topic this week we have worked on animals and plants sorting them in groups such as ‘Kingdoms, Domains and ext..’ and it was called the Linnaean  system.

Red Nose Day
This week has been really fun on Friday it was red nose day and we have done a lot of fun things e.g. funny jokes , learnt  what and why we sponsor money and what goes happens when we give money also the person who won the jokes contest is Harry Staford his joke was , what cant fit down a rabbit hole? A fire engine.

Written by Daniel and Molly