13th March 2017

Maths: This week in maths we have been finding percentages of whole numbers for example: 65% of 340. In Mrs Gater’s maths group we were ordering decimals, fractions and percentages from smallest to largest.

English: We have been doing some work on metaphors to describe what Michael can see and hear. We also have been using onomatopoeia, verbs and adjectives to form sentences about the storm scene in Kensuke’s kingdom. 

RE: In RE we have been learning about Mother Teresa. We have been explaining why she inspires people.

Topic: In Topic we have been doing music practice by doing face, body and breathing exercises. We are working towards performing a Jon Bon Jovi song.

Handshakes: This week we got 10 handshakes. The winning total was 15 from Mrs Brown/ Miss Smiths class.

Attendance: This week our attendance was 99.4%. There were two classes who got 100% (Mr Grayson’s and Mrs Thompson’s class).

By Billy and Joel.B