27th February 2017

English: In English we have been describing how it would have felt to be on board the Peggy Sue and what you would be feeling and thinking e.g am I going to survive?  Am I going to be saved? 

Maths: In maths we have been learning how to multiply numbers with decimal places with dienes equipment.
Why not have a try? 
1. 9.3x4= 
2. 90.99=

Topic: We have been doing Japanese drawing because Kensuke from Kensuke’s kingdom is Japanese.

Y6 Democracy session.
On Thursday we went to the town hall where we met the town councillors. One dressed up in the mayors cloak and I’ll let you into a secret . . . (it was his birthday! He was 65). He told us about how a council is set out and what happens. He told Miss Footitt and Mrs Hilton¬Loom to mix Carr Hill and Thrumpton pupils together and we had to come up with ideas on what we would like to stay in Retford, get rid of and also what we would like to put in. In the ball room is where we had a real meeting with microphones.

The Superstar of the week is Rihanna
Attendance 99.3%
Handshakes 19. We lost the class of the week trophy this week but are aiming to get it back next week.

By Harley and Ashley