30th January 2017

This week we have been trying to work out tough algebra like {3n+1} Some children got a Marvellous Me sent home to parents. The children really enjoyed algebra as much as the teachers did planning it.

In English we have been trying to learn a part of Kensuke’s Kingdom that we have be reading in class. The class reader has been leaving it on a cliff hanger for us.

In topic we have been trying to learn the route of the Peggy Sue boat in different places around the world.

Attendance and handshakes
Our attendance this week was 93.1%
And yet AGAIN we won the handshakes (class of the week) with 24! 2 weeks in a row!

National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
In assembly, the NSPCC came to the school to talk about cyber bulling on the internet and also about how children can be abused emotionally and physically. If we need help we know to ring 0800 1111. 

Writing Workshop
This week we have been writing a balanced argument – should Michael and his mum and dad go on an experience of a life time {sail around the world}? We did conscience alley, where Michael (Harley) walked down the centre of the class and listened to the reasons for and against. Also, our lovely teacher Miss Footitt let us listen to music whilst we wrote to help us relax.

Written By Harley and Jak. H