23rd January 2017

Open Morning:
On Open Morning, parents were popping into the classroom to see what we were doing.The first task we did was English and it was based on the song Katy Perry – Firework. We had to unpick the lyrics and find out what they meant and see if the song was about fireworks. It wasn’t - it was about self-perseverance. 
We also did maths and had to apply our knowledge to solve area and perimeter problems/challenges.

In topic we designed our own tops trump cards. We did it based of the route of The Peggy Sue (Kensuke’s Kingdom). We included the area, width, length and population of the islands. We included places like Cape Verde and the Azores.
Superstar of the Week:
This week it was Joel Cooke for just being a star and also being polite, helpful and being a good role model. 

This week we managed to achieve 25 and won class of the week, which includes a trophy! 
Our attendance was 95.0% which unfortunately was not 98% to get another attendance award.

By Joel. C