19th September 2016

In English this week we have been improving the way that we write sentences by choosing suitable adverbials to add more detail. We practised these skills during the early part of the week and then attempted to use our skills independently as we began writing an informative text about the jobs that children did during the Victorian era.

Victorian Day:
To start our topic, all children in Year 5 and 6 experienced a Victorian day. This meant that they were taught 4 lessons in total, 1 lesson by each of the Year 5/6 teachers. Therefore, the children experienced a lesson on Victorian money by Mrs Hilton-Loom, a British Empire lesson by Mr Nunn, a lesson on British monarchs with Mr Rice and an object lesson from Mr Beswarick.

Roald Dahl Day
To celebrate the famous author’s 100th birthday, the staff and children at our school dressed up as characters from different Roald Dahl stories and took part in various activities. Our class produced some terrific Quentin Blake inspired artwork.  Some of this work will shortly be on display so if you come into school, come and have a look!

Attendance was 98.8%

We managed to collect 5 handshakes this week, not enough for us to be Class of the Week!