7th November 2016

English: This week, our work in English has been building up to us editing the diary entries that we produced before half term. The diaries that we wrote were based on Jim’s experiences in the story ‘Street Child’. Our task was to write an emotive diary to show Jim was feeling at key parts in the story. Click below to hear 3 of the children reading their edited diary entries.

Maths: Our maths work this week has all been based on division. The first part of the week was spent mastering the written method known as ‘long division’. Once we were able to use this skill accurately, we then went on to attempt some worded problems which would require us to apply our skills. Can you see how we would work out the answer to the problem below?

1. What is 444 minutes in hours and minutes?


Science: This week, we have started our block of science work. Our topic in science is ‘Forces’ and in the first lesson we have learnt about the following four types of friction:

  • Rolling Friction
  • Static Friction
  • Sliding Friction
  • Fluid Friction


Our star of the week this week is Ben. I am particularly proud of Ben this week for his wonderful writing but also his terrific attitude towards his work.

Attendance was 96.2% this week.