14th November 2016

English: This week in English we have been focusing on the different ways that apostrophes are used. We know that apostrophes are used in contractions such as: don’t, can’t, would’ve.
We also know that apostrophes are used to show possession e.g. The boys’ football team, Ashley’s shoes etc. Part of our work was to act as the ‘Grammar Police’. This involved looking at signs around the school which contained apostrophe mistakes. Our job was spot them and correct them.

Maths: In maths we completed our work on division. It has been fantastic to see the progress that so many of the children have made. We look forward to our work on fractions now!


French: In French with Mrs Smith, the children have been learning how to write about the various buildings in features that are in a town. As you can see, the children are able to write fairly complex sentences to explain their ideas.


Our Star of the Week was Gareth. Gareth has shown terrific dedication in all of his school work and as a result he has produced some work to be proud of!


We managed to receive over 20 handshakes this week but this still wasn’t enough to win! 

Our attendance this week was 95.6%