23rd June 2017

This week in maths, we have started doing our theme park maths. We have done mostly all of the work but some of us need to finish working on calculating all of it together.
Our Production 
This week we have not stopped practising are lines for are year 5&6 production, Glint Of Gold. We are so excited that we get to do 1 last play before we leave. This is going to be the most mesmorising play we have had in our school.

In English this week we have had a lady come in who has relatives from Egypt. We found out what they did in loads of different countries. Some of us put on clothes and had are picture taken. 

This week we have received 12 handshakes.

This week our attendance was 97.9%

By, Joel C, Harley, Molly.

19th June 2017

Maths: In maths this week we’ve been designing a theme park, it was AWESOME!!  We could only spend up to £500,000! 

English: All the year 6 teachers were debating who should be who in our leavers performance Glint of Gold. 
We also started a slow write task based on the clip of a man finding a ‘remote’ that had hieroglyphics on it and when he clicked any of them something would happen to the pyramid. The task Miss Footitt set was to write a recount from the camel’s view and also challenged us to use inverted commas. 

Transition: We’ve done a couple of transition lessons with Mr Bell and we talked about what will happen at the Elizabethan academy and how everything works.  

Topic: In topic we’ve done some research on Egypt and we looked at different places and how many people visit Egypt; also which events happen each month. We were lucky enough to even have a visit from Mrs Litchfield.

ICT: In ICT we have been writing on KidBlog about our time at Carr Hill and about what our ambitions are.

By Ashley.