1st October 2018

Now, we’ve progressed to planning our writing by “boxing up” a model biography so that the structure is clear to us as well as the content of each paragraph. This is enabling us to “box up” and plan our own biography on Marie Curie in preparation for the writing of our “Hot Task” next week (see photos).


What a confident week! We have learned to understand the value of negative numbers on a number line (ask your children about “walking the line”) to the point where we can compare negative numbers.

European Day of Languages
Year 5’s focus was Greece, so we learned the name of colours using the Greek Language so that we could have a game of bingo! Then, we learned general knowledge facts about Greek in order to create our own quiz questions. This research culminated in having our own quiz-master (the child who wrote the highest number of appropriate questions and then an overall winner. The most popular event was food tasting when a selection of dips and savouries were on offer for the children to taste. It was great to see the children being so willing to taste food and experience something a little different (see photos).

Once more, we are really struggling to achieve a good level of attendance. This week, we were at the bottom of the pile. We are hopeful that more of us will be able to attend all week next week.