17th September 2018

We’ve had a lovely week getting to know each other better!


Our focus for the first 3 weeks is a unit based on biographies.  Our Cold Task involved a brave attempt to write a biography about a classmate, after having asked them searching questions.  In addition, we have also read a variety of biographies about famous people so that we could research their structure so that we will be able to write our own about Marie Curie (our class name, of course).


Our learning in maths has started with place value, exploring the value of digits in numbers up to one million (7 places) as well as ordering and making comparisons.

We have found it really helpful to consolidate our learning by drawing our own PV grids on our tables as well as drawing counters to represent numbers.  It made our learning really visual and practical (see photos).

Class Vote

Three members of our class were brave enough to offer to represent our class at School Council meetings.  As you can see, we carried out the voting fairly, having appointed vote counters.  Subsequently, a representative has been elected, as well as a deputy.  Many thanks to Summer W, Brooke and Archie F for putting themselves forwards and congratulations to Brooke!


Unfortunately, some of our children weren’t in the best of health and our percentage was 96.3% I’m confident that next week will be better!