18th June 2018

Year 6 have been hard at work thinking about road safety this week. 

We went out into the car park to measure the stopping distances for a car travelling at 30 and 50 mph. Whilst doing this, we realised that at those distances a car was about the same size as our thumbs. So, ‘thumbs up to road safety’, also gave us a guide for whether it is safe to cross the road. 

We also measured and walked the distances that are suggested as drop of points in the ‘Stop and Go’ leaflet. Even walking 200m, only takes approximately 2 minutes (at the most).

The blue and red flashing highlight of the week was all the different emergency service vehicles which visited (and also flew by) on Monday. We enjoyed talking to the police and fire offices about the different things that they do each day.

11th June 2018

All this week in English,  Y6MY have been learning and writing about balanced arguments. We have been considering  both sides of the debate: ‘Should KS2 SATs Tests be Abolished?’ There have been many strong opinions on the topic  and this week we have been able to write about it, including our opinions.

In maths, 6MY have are learning about shapes and the parts of a circle and how to calculate using our understanding of the radius and diameter. We have also been calculating the mean average, which turned out not to be so ‘mean’ after all!

In R.E we made stained glass windows out of  black paper and tissue paper. We learnt that all of the colours represent  different aspects and so, we chose our pictures and the colours to represent what is important to us. We think that we did a good job!


On Tuesday, we went to Ranby school to  find out about how to stay safe and how to deliver some first aid. We talked about road safety and we were told to always put our seat belt on. We also talked about safety with knives with the police.            


Finally, this week we started our swimming lessons. Our first lesson was spent working out which groups we should be in. Then we learnt some of the different strokes like backstroke and front crawl.

Wow! What an exciting and eventful week we have had.

Blog by Ethan and Connor

28th May 2018

In English this week, we have been exploring our new topic of ‘balanced arguments’ and have been looking at the arguments for and against SATs tests! Strangely enough, the children have all had very strong opinions about this. I am very much looking forward to reading their arguments after half term.

In maths this week, we have begun a new topic on ‘statistics.’ We have learnt about how to read line graphs. We have also created data for our own line graphs. 

In topic this week, we have learnt about the four different categories of drugs and have created information posters all about the effect of drugs on the body.

21st May 2018

Well, SATs are finally complete. The year 6 children have done themselves proud and worked their socks off! Here’s how we celebrated!