13th May 2019

As normal, this week has been busy, but we have all tried our best and we are ready for SATS next week. Our attendance is 97.4%, which is better than last week, but still not enough to gain an attendance award. Our English star is Evie, so well done to her and our Maths star is Memet, so well done to him as well.

As you know we have been doing revision in different classes and it has now finished so we hope all the children are ready to work hard and do their best. Also this week we have been doing some relaxing activities in class so we can get calm. Bring it on!

Blog by Emily and Grace

6th May 2019

Just like last week, this week has also been a very busy week. Our attendance was 97.4%, which, unfortunately, was a downfall from last week.

This week, Miss Smyth awarded the maths star to Riley for his hard work and focus. Mrs Hibbert awarded the English Star to Lilly for her fantastic effort in reading.

In Miss Footitt’s class, we have been revisiting active and passive voice. We have also learnt actions to help us to remember how to use inverted commas around speech.

In Miss Smyth’s class, we have been learning about ratio, proportion, area and perimeter.

In Mrs Hibbert’s class, we have been focusing on different types of questions. We have used different reading skills, such as inference, retrieval and vocabulary, in order to answer questions like ‘find and copy’ and ‘what does this word or phrase mean’.

Blog by Emily and Grace

29th April 2019

Wow! What an exciting and busy week we have had this week. To start-off the week, we were all given new groups to work in. We now have three different teachers in the morning: Mrs Hibbert for reading; Miss Footitt for SPaG and Miss Smyth for maths. This will help us to prepare for our SATs and for our transition to secondary school (where we will have to move around a lot!).

This week’s attendance was 98.2% so we got a voucher for our class. This week’s maths star was awarded by Miss Smyth to Lilly for her excellent attitude. This week’s English star was awarded by Miss Footitt to Tilly for her fantastic focus and effort.

Most excitingly of all, we went to see ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre in London. It was amazing to see a professional production with the incredible sets, dances and singing. We also enjoyed seeing the sights of London up close.

1st April 2019

This week we have been busy doing tests. This week’s attendance was 97.9%, which is an improvement from last week. Our maths star was Leighton and the English star was Charlie, both for improving their scores in the tests. We are very proud of them.

On Friday, we set up an Art gallery and activities for our parents and carers to come and see what we have been learning about in our topic lessons this term. We were happy to see so many there and, hopefully, we have inspired some of the adults that came to join us. We are very proud of our work and thankful that so many parents attended.

Blog by Emily and Grace