20th November 2017

This week has been focused on thinking about others. As you can see from the photograph, we all enjoyed taking part in ‘Wear Something Spotty’ for Children in Need day, raising money for those children who are less fortunate than we are. 


We have also been thinking about the impact of our actions as this has been Anti-Bullying Week, with the theme of ‘All Different, All Equal’. We discussed what bullying is and found out about the different types of bullying. We also know what to do if we are being bullied or if we see someone being bullied.

In English this week we have been finding out about relative clauses, which can add in important information, and have tried to use them in our writing. We have also worked hard on writing a description of the appearance of a character, using powerful language and practising using thesauruses.
In maths we have been working on division, which many found challenging at the beginning of the week. However, due to the hard work and resilience of the children, many of them have gained a much better understanding of division this week. We finished off the week by completing our hot task.

In topic we have been finding out about Charles Darwin and the impact that he had on how we understand all of the species on Earth. We are very much looking forward to discovering more about evolution in the science part of our topic next week.

Leon Burgess is our superstar this week for his amazing improvement in using formal methods to divide. We have gained 35 handshakes, making us winners of ‘The Class of the Week’ award – keep being your amazing selves 6MY!

13th November 2017

This week we have achieved 100% attendance and gained 24 handshakes, which is fantastic. Keep up the good work 6MY! 

In English, the children have been completing assessments in Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. They all tried hard and have done really well. In addition, they began the new topic of Adventure Stories and have completed their cold write. They also watched the short film Home Sweet Home, which is our focus text for this topic, and have identified some of the themes in it.

In maths, we have also been completing tests in Arithmetic and Reasoning. Again, they all tried really hard and I am extremely proud of the effort that they have put in and in how much they have learnt so far this year. In addition, we have worked on solving problems with square and cube numbers. We made cubes out of multi-link before using what we had found out to help us to solve the problems.

In PE we have been working on creating a short dance routine using the moves that we have learnt so far. We have also been working on how to count the beats and use this to help us with our routines.

6th November 2017

In English we finished improving and publishing our poems. We have also written setting descriptions for a short film – ‘Little Freak.’

In maths we have continued to work on multiplying using formal methods. We have moved onto multiplying by 2 digits this week.

In RE we have been finding out about the meaning of sacrifice and atonement.
In PE we have started to create Bollywood dance routines.

In science we have been finding out about light and how we can see. We have been investigating which factors affect the length of shadows.

Ella Bryan is our superstar this week for her amazing improvement in using formal methods to multiply. We have gained another attendance certificate as well as 25 handshakes – keep up the good work 6MY!

23rd October 2017

We have had a very exciting week with Harvest Festival assembly on Tuesday and the Urban Pioneers gallery on Thursday. I was extremely proud of how well the children performed in the assembly. In addition, they were excellent at showing off all that they have learnt and produced this half term.


In English, the children have been applying all that they have learnt in poetry over the last two weeks and have written free-verse poetry on a subject that is important to them. They have also used editing stations for the first time and have improved the first draft of their poems.

In maths, we have begun to use formal written methods for multiplication.

The children brought in their wonderful homework in this week. Thank you to those who brought in yummy things for us to eat!