15th January 2018

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

The children have come back from the holidays full of energy and raring to go! We have had a week full of fun and exciting activities.

English: This week we have been focusing on colons, semi- colons, brackets and dashes. The children have worked very hard and are now punctuation experts. We also watched a short film called Oktopodi. After that, we worked in pairs to write a short story using adverbials to create cohesion in the paragraph. You can watch the film here:

Maths: We have begun work on dividing fractions. To begin with, we used Numicon to divide fractions where the numerator is directly divisible by the divisor. Then we looked at the relationship between dividing fractions and multiplying and learnt Keep Change Flip!

In topic this week, we have researched how animals adapt to their environments and created an information page all about them. In addition, we thought about how animals use camouflage and created backgrounds and animals using paint and marbles. Can you spot the animals?

Our attendance is back up and we have gained another attendance voucher. Ethan-Jack was our Superstar this week for his amazing can-do attitude! Well done 6MY for a fabulous first week back

18th December 2017

Wow! What an exciting week we have had! The children finished off their Christmas Enterprise projects and had great fun setting up and selling their products on Wednesday. This was followed on Thursday by our Survival Day, where the children learnt valuable skills that would ensure that they could survive if they were ever shipwrecked!

Christmas Enterprise


The welcoming committee persuaded people to come in and buy our products.


The sales team were overjoyed to sell their last product!

Survival Day
The children began their day by building their teamwork skills. They had to figure out how to keep everyone on an ever-shrinking raft; how to build a shelter; how to negotiate a mine-field and how to collect water. They had to work hard to include everyone and keep all team members safe. In the afternoon, they learnt how to build and maintain a fire. They discovered how to use a flint and steel to create fire. They then made dampers using a stick, foil and dough. After all of that, they got to enjoy eating their bread and marshmallows.

In maths this week the children have been learning how to multiply fractions by whole number and fraction. They have discovered that it’s not as difficult as they thought it would be. They have also calculated how much it would cost to employ someone to make our product for us and how much profit we should make.

In English this week we have identified the features of explanation texts and have checked our cold write to see how many of those features we have included in our own writing.

We did not get above 98% for attendance this week. Hopefully, everyone will have time to recover from illness over the holidays and we can start the new year with the whole class being fit and healthy.


We gained 6 handshakes this week and Macaulay was in the Hall of Fame for his wonderful homework.

9th December 2017

In maths this week we were carrying on with our topic of fractions; finding out what the difference is between a mixed number and an improper fraction and how to convert between them.

In English we have been writing an explanation of how the Snoozatron (an invention by Wallace and Gromit) works. We have also summarised the information in an explanation text by reducing it to six key words and then explaining it to each other.

Christmas Enterprise
For our Christmas Enterprise we are designing and making coasters, fridge magnets and key-rings. We spent a few lessons decorating two things each. 
They will be selling on Wednesday 13th December from 2:30 to 3:30 and they will all be selling for £1.50.

Here is a sneak preview.

The first people to get pen licences in our class are Macaulay, Olivia and Naveena and they will be getting awarded their cards soon. Our handshakes this week were a total of 9, but it was not enough for us to keep the trophy. Attendance this week was 94.6% 

By Hope and Macaulay