Lincoln Castle

On Wednesday 9th March, KS1 visited Lincoln Castle, as part of our ‘Captivating Castles’ topic. The children had a fantastic time, exploring what it was like living in a castle during medieval times.

They experienced a mini-walk around part of the castle walls, where they learned about features of a castle and how Lincoln protected itself from enemies. This included learning about Lady Nicola de la Haye and the famous British Knight, William Marshal, who held off a French invasion at the Battle of Lincoln in 1217.

The children also handled replica armour and examined weaponry, created their own shields, tried on bespoke medieval clothing while serving in a banquet with real food and joined knight school to practise those archery skills!

A fantastic day was had by all. Thank you all for your support for this trip and also to those parents and carers, who were kind enough to join us and help!