24th June 2019


This week in English, we have been working on a non chronological report. We based this skill on a clip off of Avatar, the film. This writing helped us tick off most of our targets to get the expected standard and also greater depth!


We have also done a story based on a girl who wonders into a shop of dolls and eventually turns into one—this story was written to help us build tension in our writing. We cannot wait to do more fabulous stories!

This week in maths, we have only had a quick recap of all our skills and how to work out all the operations. We cannot wait to get started on maths again and learn even more new skills to work out some questions that we don’t understand.

This week in I.C.T, since it is close to transition, we have been filling out a sheet that contains all the Things that we normally worry about, and how to solve those problems. We cannot wait to move up into secondary school, but will miss Carr Hill dearly.