13th May 2019

This week in English, we have been practising our spelling suffixes on the prefix inter-. We have learnt some extremely descriptive words to make our writing more interesting. We have also been learning PEE (which stands for point evidence explain) to help us earn more marks when doing our reading test. We are now ready for our SATS!

This week in maths, we have been learning how to work out the perimeter and area of a shape. We have also been practising maths papers to help us see which areas we need to revise on. We now know all the tips to help us get greater depth.

This week, since it is the last week before SATS, we have been going to I.C.T to revise on Achieve Online so hopefully we can beat our scores, and even get greater depth.

By Will and Amelia

Good luck for next week 6LDC—you have worked so hard and I know you will give 110%! Enjoy your goody bags and make sure you read the letter inside! From Miss Footitt :)