8th April 2019


This week in English, we have been using editing stations to edit and improve our hot write on discussion texts. Now we have made it extra fantastic, using our personal targets to show miss Footitt how much we have improved over the year. We have also done some more work on subjunctive mood. Even though we found it tricky at first, we have now achieved our target to use them correctly. We cannot wait to practise more over the holidays and come back even more positive.


This week in maths, we have been working hard on our algebraic rules. We have tackled this task with positivity and cannot wait to learn more. We have also been learning how to find the value of an expression or equation. As well as the other task, we were extremely confident and tackled it with pride.

Art gallery
We had our art gallery last week and are proud to say it was a success! We had lots of parents come in and say how brilliant our work was. If you came, thank you for taking the time to come see our amazing work. We had such a fun time doing activities with parents and we think they enjoyed it more than us!

 By Will and Amelia