4th March 2019


This week in maths we have been working on converting fractions into decimals and percentages. Its been tough but we got through it quite comfortably in the end. We have also been working on converting fractions to an amount and making our own questions.



In English this week, we have been using our writing skills to progress to a discussion text. The most popular option to write a discussion text about, was cats or dogs. What would you pick? We have been highlighting in texts both formal languages and adverbials, since those are some of the tools you need to use when writing a discussion text.


This week in topic, we have been drawing our final pictures using all the skills we have learnt throughout the lessons. Even though we have not finished them yet, we are very proud of them. We have also been doing about if life were a object/thing we use in our everyday life, what would it be. We cannot wait to finish our drawings and get them to perfection and a high standard.