25th March 2019

This week in English, we have been trying to identify and use formal style in our writing. We had a task to try and identify/explain if someone is using formal language or not. We have also been learning about how to use hyphens to avoid ambiguity. We smashed this task, and have now developed and can use hyphens correctly. We cannot wait to learn more about the skills we can use to make amazing pieces of writing.

This week in maths, we have been learning more about algebra. When we heard that we were learning about algebra, we all went into shock, since we thought it was hard. But now we are finding it very easy and we are becoming more and more successful every time we have another lesson on it. We have been concentrating mainly on function machines, which we have found quit interesting. We cannot wait to learn more and move on.

The art of being brilliant
On Wednesday, we had a full two hour lesson on being happy and brilliant. We talked about mood hovers and two percenters. I bet you are wondering what these things are … well here it is. A mood hoover is someone that always says it’s boring and doesn't enjoy life. Where as a 2% is someone that is the complete opposite to that. They choose to enjoy life and have lots of fun.