18th March 2018

In English this week, we have been trying to identify and use formal vocabulary in our writing. We have been using questions to help us figure out whether the sentences are formal or informal and sometimes explaining how we know. We have also done a interesting slow write as a table. In this slow write, we had to have great creativity since it was about sharks in a wood and somehow we found ourselves lost there. We cannot wait for Miss Footitt to mark it and pick the winning table.

This week in maths, we have bee using a bar model to find out percentages. At first we did not get it but after we got a second lesson on it we understood more. We have also been ordering and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages. We found this quite difficult because of all the steps, but we eventually figured it out. We also finished a hot task about percentages and were very proud of our scores.

This week, we had a special visit from the NSPCC. They came to talk to us about how you need to speak out if child abuse is happening with you. We got a fun activity to do in a booklet that included what makes us happy and a chatter box. Thank you for coming NSPCC!

We have also had red nose day!

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