11th February 2019

This week in English has not been any ordinary week……. we have had an amazing and improving assessment week! Lots of us have improved by over 10 marks and even reached greater depth already -in February! We have enjoyed practising and learning what we need to improve on, and are getting ready for SATs which will be here as quick as a flash. We cannot wait to get back to learning new things, but we will certainly miss learning which areas we need to improve on.

In maths this week we have been doing our trusty tests again. Our recent lessons have helped us to score more marks, and almost everyone in the class has improved. We (as you know) love maths, and to have a week of maths papers is extremely generous of Miss Footitt. We cannot wait to get back to our ordinary lessons, but we will greatly miss our tests.

This week we have been talking about internet safety. The theme this year was permission and consent which we then had the opportunity to complete quizzes on.

Blog by Will T and Amelia