18th February 2019

This week in English, we have been learning about how to hook the reader in, by using suspense and tension. We have worked as a table, to write a slow write, containing some interesting targets. We worked as hard as a fish trying to escape a shark to keep the reader wondering what will happen next. We have also been writing up our hot write about palm oil, and because our writing was so neat, almost everyone earned the bronze pen licence and is now heading for silver.

In maths this week, we have been working on a hot task and a cold task and we did pretty well. Most of us got at least half marks on the hot task and got onto the extension task. In our cold task it was tough but we managed to get through the percentages mayhem.

In topic this week, we have been learning about negative space ( which is the area surrounding and object.) We have also been doing judgement and reincarnation in RE lessons. We have been finding different quotes and trying to see if they fit into judgement or reincarnation, we cannot wait for the next lesson.

Happy Half Term
Amelia and Will T