2nd July 2018

What another busy week we have had! This week even included some special visitors from Ofsted. We showed them what we could do and how we could behave in school. The teachers are incredibly proud of us. 

English consisted of solving a murder mystery, so that we could fill any of the gaps we may have had within our year 6 writing standards.

In maths, we were completing some work on statistics, which even included using Smarties. Another day, we had to use our knowledge to reason and justify what we thought the following graph was representing and why.


What do you think?

Potions – we got to start our new topic Potions. We watched a clip from Harry Potter and then made a variety of mixtures to find out which materials dissolved and which didn’t. This is all in preparation for an experiment about saturation points.

Finally, to end the week, we even managed to squeeze in a rehearsal for the production. 

Good luck for next week everyone who are on transition visits to your new schools. Remember to keep practising your lines and dances though please.