30th April 2018

Welcome to our blog!
Like in the Easter holidays, we have been split into four different groups (mixed classes), to work with different year six teachers to focus on maths, reading and spag. We are finding it really useful and are enjoying working with the other teachers. 

During spag, Miss Footitt teaches us. We have already picked up extra marks by using our ‘critical friends’ to help challenge us to prove and convince why a particular answer is right or wrong. Miss Brownfoot teaches us Maths and we are making fewer and fewer errors with our arithmetic. Finally, Mrs Hibbert covers the reading. We have looked at vocabulary and word meaning questions in particular this week.

At 11.45am, when all lessons are complete, we return to our normal classroom and share what we have learned. All new skills are recorded on our very own ‘wallpaper’. Every Friday, we get to take the ‘wallpaper’ home, so we can share it with family and friends, as well as using it for revision.