19th March 2018


We have been working on percentages learning the value of them and problems. Finding 5%, 10%, 20% and 25%. We also worked out percentages of money. We completed times table rockstars on 3 times tables and 4 times tables and have moved on to mixed 3s and 4s mixed with division.

We completed a Spag task for our six English lesson. Also ‘scramble’ which is lots of words that had been mixed up - we had to unpick them to find the proper words (spelling pattern ch, which actually made a k sound). We also did a spelling test, ough, cial and tial patterns. 

We learned about blood vessels and the heart. In the next lesson we are creating are own blood out of pineapple juice which is very exciting for us! We have learnt about red blood cells and what they do, in addition to white blood cells and plasma.   

By Ross and Jayla