12th February 2018

In English we are still doing myths and legends, we were writing about the 12 labours of Hercules in partners.


Ross's Work

In P.E we are having fun doing basketball with Mr Bell and love doing circuits with Miss Krieger.

In maths we are timesing by decimals, some of us find it hard others find it easy. We also did a booklet to find out who destroyed the football kits, and we all acted like maths investigators. 


This week in attendance we didn’t do too well, we only got 84.6%! The lowest in the school! Some of us were off all week! Then we found out who won the house points would it be Diamond? Or maybe Emerald, Garnet or Amethyst drum roll please ……….
GARNET WON well done Garnet!

By Ebony and Rosie