29th October 2018


This week in maths, we have been learning cubed and squared numbers. We have also been completing the 4 operations Hot Task. We have enjoyed doing them very much, and are ready to tackle the next task! Bring it on!


In English this week, we have written our very long sequels to the Alchemist’s letter! At first, we weren't very sure of what we were doing, because we had to include a wide variety of skills (our targets). As we got into the flow, we soon realised that it was actually very exciting as we have improved massively—particularly the word types we were using. We are now looking forward to our next cold task!


In topic, we have been having a lot of fun finishing our carousel models, in which we designed and painted in the colour of our choice.


What do you think about our Spanish singing? Do you know what we our singing?

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