22nd January 2018

Maths: This  week  in maths we have be doing multiplying and diving fractions. It sounded hard but after a couple of lessons of doing it, we understood it really well.

English: In English this week we watched ‘Oktapodi’, a short film about two octopuses who are deeply in love. We then had to write the short film as a story and create cohesion by using adverbials. 

We have now moved on to our new topic, which is called Going For Gold. This will include: Greeks, Olympics and the Human body. We attempted the traditional Greek dance—The Zorba—and even tried some Greek food! We tried: halloumi cheese( squeaky cheese); goat cheese (feta), pitta bread, hummus and olives.      

Here’s the Zorba video if you want to try it for yourselves!

By Jayla, Toni and Hafsa