3rd December 2017


In maths this week we have been working on simplifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions. To find the equivalent fraction you need to find the highest common factors of both the denominators and numerators then divide both numbers by it.  

In English we did a hot task and wrote adventure stories using our writing targets. They were: fronted adverbials, dialog and relative clauses. 
‘Cringing slightly, Matilda the plane, pink as a water-lily, took off into the air. She enjoyed it as it was her first flight. The plane was so joyful she was doing all sorts of turns in the sky and the people who were judging her thought she was going mad, and decided to sack her and kicked her pilot out as well.’ 


Super stars
Super stars this week are: Toni and Melissa for their fractions work and Ross for his amazing attitude in SPAG.

Attendance this week was 96.8% so we didn’t get the medal and trophy.

This week we got 15 handshakes. We thought we were going to win but sadly we didn’t.
By Hafsa and Zac