15th January 2018

Happy New Year

Welcome to 6LDC’s blog.

English: In English we have been learning about brackets, dashes, colons and semi-colons. We learnt them by writing sentences and placing the punctuation in the correct position.


Mathematics: In maths we started to learn how to times a fraction by whole numbers and by other fractions. We used numicon to help us work them out. (e.g) 1/10 X 3 equals 3/10. We have also signed up for Times Tables Rock stars.

9th December 2017

This week in maths we have been continuing with fractions. We have learnt how to compare, order, simplify and now adding and subtracting them. 

Our class have moved on to writing explanation texts. For our cold task we watched a clip from Wallace and Gromit and then had to write about how the ‘snoozatron’ worked. 

In topic, we had to bring in some family pictures. We looked at the difference between us now and our family members to see which features we inherited from them.

By Ross and Charlie