22nd January 2018

Maths: This  week  in maths we have be doing multiplying and diving fractions. It sounded hard but after a couple of lessons of doing it, we understood it really well.

English: In English this week we watched ‘Oktapodi’, a short film about two octopuses who are deeply in love. We then had to write the short film as a story and create cohesion by using adverbials. 

We have now moved on to our new topic, which is called Going For Gold. This will include: Greeks, Olympics and the Human body. We attempted the traditional Greek dance—The Zorba—and even tried some Greek food! We tried: halloumi cheese( squeaky cheese); goat cheese (feta), pitta bread, hummus and olives.      

Here’s the Zorba video if you want to try it for yourselves!

By Jayla, Toni and Hafsa

15th January 2018

Happy New Year

Welcome to 6LDC’s blog.

English: In English we have been learning about brackets, dashes, colons and semi-colons. We learnt them by writing sentences and placing the punctuation in the correct position.


Mathematics: In maths we started to learn how to times a fraction by whole numbers and by other fractions. We used numicon to help us work them out. (e.g) 1/10 X 3 equals 3/10. We have also signed up for Times Tables Rock stars.