20th November 2017

In addition to our normal lessons, this week has been very important for two other reasons . . . One because it was anti bullying week and two because it was children in need. 

For anti bullying week I showed the children a heart and asked several of them to draw, rip or fold it. We then thought carefully about what this was representing. I then tried to make my heart ‘as good as new’ by rubbing out the words and sellotaping the tears. Even though it looked better than it did, it still wasn’t ‘as good as new’. Once again we reflected on what this was also a representation of. 


On Friday, to raise money for children less fortunate than ourselves, we all dressed in something spotty and donated an amount that we could. Here we all are!


They even dragged me in for a class selfie - but we all couldn’t quite fit!

13th November 2017

Completing tests and showing off what Y6 have learned this year so far, has been the focus for the week. And show off they have . . . with scores upon scores that are increasing in reading, maths and SPAG. I am incredibly proud of everyone for their hard work so far!

When they had finished their assessments, narrative (adventure stories) became the new genre to focus on for English. The film clip ‘Home Sweet Home’ was the focus for the children to develop their retrieval and inference skills. Have a watch and see if you can work out what it is about.


Division is the final area of the four operations unit of maths we have to complete before challenging ourselves to improve our scores on the HOT task. Short division has been the area of focus this week. Have a go and see if you can do them yourselves. No calculators allowed though!


We also launched our brand new topic this week. Survival. The learning began with knowledge about Charles Darwin and will end with an exciting activity to take place in school. Letter to follow. 

6th November 2017

We’ve been writing free verse poems, using: assonance, onomatopoeia, alliteration, metaphors, personification, expanded noun phrases, similes and repetition, but first we made a spider diagram using examples of all the tools. At the end, the poems turned out so well. Also this week, we wrote about subjects of: rainforests, lightning on an island, the desert or a the cliff side view.

Pen licence
Hafsa, Saffron, Nathan, Georgia, Kylie and Ross all got their pen licences this week, Well Done!

In maths we have been working on division, multiplication and multi-step multiplication. The children have been using the bus stop method to work out the division questions - they even tried to have a go at some in word form. During the week we have been doing multiplication and using decimal points - this has been challenging but with practise and help we have got better.

This week, science has been about light. We have been learning about lights journey to our eyes. We used mirrors to reflect the light around a books. We were challenged to use four mirrors and a torch. We learned that some reflectors can be very big, like the moon. The reason it shines at night is because it reflects the light of the sun. 

By Hafsa and Kylie

23rd October 2017

Well . . . during this final week of half term we have been drawing our Urban Pioneers topic to a close. 6LDC and the other year 5 and 6 classes were incredibly busy preparing to show off all their work to parents when they visited our Urban Pioneers Gallery. We even set up some activities for our visitors to join in with and have a go themselves. Lots of great feedback was left by all.

As mentioned on one of our older blogs, we have been learning Bollywood dancing and managed to perform it as a class.

Hope you all have a fabulous half term. 
PS – don’t forget to complete some maths games, read and practise spellings and times tables. If you get all that done and are still bored there is always Achieve Online!