10th June 2019

This week in English, we have completed our setting description story. We have used a lot of descriptive language and writing skills in our story to make it the most interesting written piece. We think that Miss Footitt will be extremely impressed at our master-pieces. We cannot wait to get the opportunity to use even more writing skills to make our stories exceptional.


This week in spelling, we have been using some more of our writing skills during spelling. We have also been practising our cursive handwriting on sheets, so when we get assessed, the reader will be able to read every word, and think to themselves “wow”. We cannot wait to learn more spellings and challenge ourselves.

20th May 2019

Hurrah! We have completed SATs! We have worked hard and tried our absolute best this week that we were all given the English and Maths Star certificate and trophy! We also earned ourselves a non-uniform day and a film and pudding afternoon!

13th May 2019

This week in English, we have been practising our spelling suffixes on the prefix inter-. We have learnt some extremely descriptive words to make our writing more interesting. We have also been learning PEE (which stands for point evidence explain) to help us earn more marks when doing our reading test. We are now ready for our SATS!

This week in maths, we have been learning how to work out the perimeter and area of a shape. We have also been practising maths papers to help us see which areas we need to revise on. We now know all the tips to help us get greater depth.

This week, since it is the last week before SATS, we have been going to I.C.T to revise on Achieve Online so hopefully we can beat our scores, and even get greater depth.

By Will and Amelia

Good luck for next week 6LDC—you have worked so hard and I know you will give 110%! Enjoy your goody bags and make sure you read the letter inside! From Miss Footitt :)

6th May 2019

This week we have been revising and practising for our SATS. We have been mainly practising our reading/spag and have been very successful. We cannot wait to learn how to earn more marks and hopefully get greater depth.

This week in maths, we have been learning ratio and measurements. At first we had no idea how to work them out, but after we spent some time on it, we found it extremely simple. We are positive that we will definitely beat our last test scores, thanks to these lessons.

This week, due to our positive attitude to learning, we have been doing some artwork, linked to the Lion King trip. We all tried our best to create a masterpiece. We are very proud of what we’ve produced.

29th April 2019

In English this week, we have been very busy revising for SATS. We have been learning tips to help us get more marks, and hopefully achieve greater depth. We cannot wait for SATS, and hopefully our extra effort will let us become greater depth!

In maths this week, we have been revising for SATS. We have been learning new things and this will help us to become professional at maths! Luckily, this wonderful weather has made us feel much more confident, and ready to learn. We cannot wait to do more tests.

We have been waiting for months! This week we went on a trip to London to see Disney’s Lion King performance. It was an experience of a lifetime! It was breath-taking and we loved it! We cannot wait for our next trip!

Positivity posters
This week we have been making positive signs to make us feel more confident whilst doing SATS. We have not finished them yet, but when we do they will look outstanding!

By will and Amelia.