15th October 2018


This week in maths we have been working hard ordering numbers in ascending and descending order. We then spent time counting in 50’s, and looked at various sequences.

In English we have been trying to improve our writing using the sentence of 3. We used images to prompt our imagination and developed our descriptions, including at least 3 adjectives to describe the images.

In topic we have been working hard learning our song words to cauliflowers fluffy. We can’t wait to perform it at Harvest next week.

1st October 2018

During maths we continued our work on place value. We have been comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equals signs.

In English we continued our work on Jack and the Beanstalk, and we have had lots of fun continuing to memorise the story using repetition and actions.

In topic we were lucky enough to take part in an R.E day, learning all about the Hindu God Ganesha. We made Ganesha masks and then held a Ganesh Chathurthi, which is a Hindu celebration. This was great fun and we got to wear our masks and take part in some Hindu dancing.   

This week was also Road Safety week, we were lucky enough to have two guest speakers talk to us about how to stay safe when near roads. We then challenged 3ES to a road safety quiz to show of our fantastic knowledge.


Another great week was had by all. Keep up the excellent work!!

24th September 2018

This week in maths we continued to develop our place value knowledge. We had lots of fun representing 2 and 3 digit numbers using base 10, when we felt confident with this skill we worked out the answers 10 more, 10 less and 100 more, 100 less.

We have had lots of fun in English this week as we continued our work on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have been trying to improve our responses to reading comprehension questions by remembering to use part of the question in our answer. To look at this from a different perspective we were given a series of answers relating to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we were then tasked with thinking of an appropriate question top match the answer. Take a look at us below, we are working hard to develop our skills.

We also had a fantastic opportunity to go to the mobile library and choose lots of interesting books for the year 3 book corners.

17th September 2018

We’ve had a great first week back in school and we have been busy learning lots of new skills. In Maths we have been learning all about place value. We have started to develop our knowledge of numbers up to 1000 and used base 10 equipment to help us gain a visual representation of the numbers. We have also gained confidence in reading, and writing numbers in words and digits. Cameron was eager to show off his skills below.


In English we have been learning the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, our aim is to re-write the story using the same theme, but adapting the characters and events.  We will be learning lots of writing techniques over the coming weeks to help us write to entertain.   

Our topic in science is forces and magnets. In P.E we had the opportunity to use our knowledge of forces to create different dance routines involving pushing and pulling. We also used the theme of ‘strong’ forces, which meant we had to create a strong pose.