4th February 2019

Another week has whizzed by, and we have been busy learning lots of new things. We continued to develop our eight times table recall in maths. We used base 10 to help us to visualise multiplication and division facts, while also memorising our times tables. By the end of the week we were ready to test our progression by taking a ‘Hot task test’. With all the hard work and effort we put in, we are sure we will have improved our scores.

In English we refreshed our memories of the previous punctuation and grammar, including: expanded noun phrases, speech, prepositions and fronted adverbials. We also planned our sequel to ’Winters child’ and began our ’Hot write’, our aim was to try to include all of the grammar terms we have been looking at.

This week in topic we used Atlases to help us to label which parts of the world the Vikings invaded. We had fun looking at the various countries flags, and grouping them into countries the Vikings invaded and where the Vikings came from.


28th January 2019


This week we continued to use our knowledge of the two and four times table in order to help us to multiply by eight. Keep on practicing so that you know them off by heart.

In English, we continued to look at the Winters Child with a view to planning a sequel to the story. We developed our grammar knowledge further, by learning all about expanded noun phrases. This has set us up nicely, and we look forward to planning and writing the sequels next week.

Hope is our English star of the week for writing some interesting sentences including expanded noun phrases.


Tumas is our maths star of the week for great work on improving his 4x table recall, while using this knowledge to improve his problem solving skills.

21st January 2019

Caden is our English star of the week for fantastic work on the Winter’s Child. He worked particularly well in our prepositions lesson.


Izzy is our maths star of the week for great work on improving her 3x table recall, well done!

In English this week we continued with our work on the Winters Child. We looked at images from the story and described them using prepositions of time and place.


In Maths we continued our work on multiplication by looking at the 4 times table. We played games and sang songs in order to memorise them and learn them off by heart. Towards the end of the week we used our knowledge of the multiples in order to help us divide.

We started our new topic called ‘I am Warrior.’ The theme will be the Viking invaders and settlers. We started off by looking at where they came from and where they settled.

10th December 2018


This week in English we completed our ‘Hot task’, which was to write our own poem based on the Iron man. We jotted down lots of interesting adjectives, similes and alliteration and shared them with the class. After this we were ready to write, and we produced some super pieces of work.

We have been working hard this week designing our Christmas Enterprise product. We have decided to make Christmas tree decorations, and will be using battery powered tea-lights to make snowmen. The event will take place on Friday 14th December at 2.00pm. Each child will design and make their own personalised snowman, as well as working as a team to make lots more.

Friday was had Christmas craft morning and we had great fun making cards, Christmas characters and listening to lots of Christmas music. A big thank you to the parents that could make it and help us out with our creations.

26th November 2018

In English we began our poetry unit by looking at the Ironman by Brenda Williams . Over the next week, we aim to learn the poem, through the use of repetition and actions. Take a look below at a small extract from the poem.

Thank you to all the children who brought in their ’Giant’ projects. On Friday, we joined up with Mrs Thompsons class to discuss how we made all of our wonderful creations.

19th November 2018

Another busy week has been and gone in 3KJT. We were lucky enough to go on two trips to start of the week. On Monday we went to St Swithuns church in Retford to begin our Time travelling experience. We had lots of activities and learning to get through, including learning all about the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers, as well learning all about baptism.

On Tuesday we went to Magna Science Adventure centre. The children had the opportunity to explore the wonders of Science and Technology in four pavilions – Air, Earth, Fire & Water. We also took part in a workshop, where we completed various activities such as making our own paint and testing the reaction of lemonade when adding Mentos.

In topic we began designing and making our own Diva lamps using clay. We had great fun manipulating the clay into the desired shape.

Friday was Children in Need, thanks to everyone who contributed to the charity fund and for making a super effort to wear some spotty clothes.

12th November 2018

It’s been a busy first week back , and the children have been working hard in English to share their knowledge of the story of Rama and Sita.

The task which is pictured, shows the children sequencing pictures from the story.

In topic, to mark Armistice day , we had fun making a poppy out of old C.D’S. We used cable ties so that we could attach the C.D’s to some chicken wire. We’d like to thank Mr Grayson for giving us all the resources and for thinking of this fantastic idea.


29th October 2018

Well done year 3! I am really proud of all the hard work and commitment you have shown over the course of the term. I hope you have a great holiday, and are refreshed and ready for lots of new learning.

In English, we continued to work on the Jack and the Beanstalk story, and had fun working in groups to debate who is responsible for the giant’s death.

The children have worked really hard this term on their reading, and have tried really hard to ensure they are reading, at least, 4 times per week. Lilly won the reading lottery this half term. She has read lots, and shown excellent progress on her quiz scores.

22nd October 2018

This week in Maths we began our new topic of addition and subtraction. We began by using our place value knowledge in order to add 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. We had the chance to choose some of the following chilli challenges. Some of us began to notice that some answers bridge 10 and 100, which makes the questions more difficult to solve.


In Art we have been looking at the works of Pablo Picasso in order to gain some inspiration to create our own giants.

In P.E we have continued our theme of forces and movement. We began to read extracts from the Ironman, by Ted Hughes, and have worked in groups to show various movements relating to scenes from the book.


15th October 2018

This week in Maths we concluded the place value unit, and therefore carried out our Hot Task. We have all shown great progression and look forward to starting addition and subtraction next week.

In Art we have been working hard to draw giants using perspective. This technique helps the picture to create an illusion of three- dimensions on a two- dimensional surface, therefore creating a more life-like image.

8th October 2018


This week in maths we have been working hard ordering numbers in ascending and descending order. We then spent time counting in 50’s, and looked at various sequences.

In English we have been trying to improve our writing using the sentence of 3. We used images to prompt our imagination and developed our descriptions, including at least 3 adjectives to describe the images.

In topic we have been working hard learning our song words to cauliflowers fluffy. We can’t wait to perform it at Harvest next week.

1st October 2018

During maths we continued our work on place value. We have been comparing numbers using the greater than, less than and equals signs.

In English we continued our work on Jack and the Beanstalk, and we have had lots of fun continuing to memorise the story using repetition and actions.

In topic we were lucky enough to take part in an R.E day, learning all about the Hindu God Ganesha. We made Ganesha masks and then held a Ganesh Chathurthi, which is a Hindu celebration. This was great fun and we got to wear our masks and take part in some Hindu dancing.   

This week was also Road Safety week, we were lucky enough to have two guest speakers talk to us about how to stay safe when near roads. We then challenged 3ES to a road safety quiz to show of our fantastic knowledge.


Another great week was had by all. Keep up the excellent work!!

24th September 2018

This week in maths we continued to develop our place value knowledge. We had lots of fun representing 2 and 3 digit numbers using base 10, when we felt confident with this skill we worked out the answers 10 more, 10 less and 100 more, 100 less.

We have had lots of fun in English this week as we continued our work on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have been trying to improve our responses to reading comprehension questions by remembering to use part of the question in our answer. To look at this from a different perspective we were given a series of answers relating to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, we were then tasked with thinking of an appropriate question top match the answer. Take a look at us below, we are working hard to develop our skills.

We also had a fantastic opportunity to go to the mobile library and choose lots of interesting books for the year 3 book corners.

17th September 2018

We’ve had a great first week back in school and we have been busy learning lots of new skills. In Maths we have been learning all about place value. We have started to develop our knowledge of numbers up to 1000 and used base 10 equipment to help us gain a visual representation of the numbers. We have also gained confidence in reading, and writing numbers in words and digits. Cameron was eager to show off his skills below.


In English we have been learning the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, our aim is to re-write the story using the same theme, but adapting the characters and events.  We will be learning lots of writing techniques over the coming weeks to help us write to entertain.   

Our topic in science is forces and magnets. In P.E we had the opportunity to use our knowledge of forces to create different dance routines involving pushing and pulling. We also used the theme of ‘strong’ forces, which meant we had to create a strong pose.