6th May 2019

Dangerous decimals and a wander into the rainforest.

This week has been very busy as the children have completed their poetry work, delved deeper into decimals and really begun to think to the worlds rainforests.

The week began with the children and Mrs Slade identifying what turned a forest into a tropical rainforest. After completing a little bit or research they used atlases and maps to identify where these were found around the world. As part of the session they identified the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that sandwich the rainforest zone.

Mathematics lessons continued the theme of decimals. The children’s new found confidence with counting using numbers with one and two decimal places was put to the test as they investigated ordering decimal numbers. Whilst many of the children handled the challenge, several fell into Mr Haslam’s elephant trap when the numbers had different numbers of decimal places. However credit to the children they soon picked themselves up and pulled themselves out of the hole. Thursday’s fine weather presented an opportunity for the children to give their place value skills with decimals and make links to fractions. This was competed outside as one of the orienteering activities that Year 4 enjoy undertaking.


‘A day in the life of Danny the Cat’ proved to be excellent inspiration as the children used the structure and ideas to develop their own version of the poem. They link this to the work that they had started earlier in the week. They each chose a rainforest animal and then considered where and how the animal lived to develop their own piece of performance poem. Friday afternoon provided a superb opportunity for the children to perform their poems to their peers. Some of which were video and are included below.

Our mathematics star was Ollie for his excellent explanations throughout the week.

Our English star was Matthew for the superb poem that he created.

Our winning run of attendance victories came to an end. However we still achieved a 98.9% attendance figure.